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Family law mediation

Divorce and Family Law Matters

Getting divorced or attempting to resolve your family law issues is difficult under the best of circumstances.  The additional stress added by the traditional litigation approach generally increases both the emotional and monetary costs of this process.  Mediation offers a time and cost-effective alternative allowing people to resolve their issues in a respectful and civil manner.  Mediation is appropriate for almost all family law matters, including, divorce, child custody, spousal support, child support, community property, post-divorce modification, prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements.

Mediation Process

Mediation is a non-adversarial approach to divorce.  The mediation process allows divorcing parties and those with  other family law issues to resolve their dispute  amicably.  Unlike the traditional litigation approach where each party is represented by an attorney and the matter proceeds through the courts, mediation allows the parties to work together with the help of a trained professional, to discuss their issues and to arrive at an agreement that works best for both of them and  for their family.  

As a streamlined and structured process, mediation is much less expensive and time consuming than a litigated divorce.  You can view our FREE DIVORCE MEDIATION WEBINAR which outlines the many benefits of mediating your divorce and describes the mediation process here

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Our Founder & Mediator - Attorney Susan Guthrie

Attorney Guthrie has been a practicing family law attorney for over 27 years. After many years as a family law litigator, and seeing the negative impact on clients and their families of the adversarial approach, Attorney Guthrie opened her own practice in Connecticut focused on the non-adversarial approaches to resolving family law issues.


Now located in La Jolla, California, Attorney Guthrie established La Jolla Mediation in order to bring the advantages of divorce mediation to the residents of San Diego and to help them to move forward in a Better Way.   As a divorce mediator, Attorney Guthrie brings her wealth of knowledge and experience in the family law and divorce arena to the table in assisting the parties in coming to agreement in mediation.  

Attorney Guthrie is on the Board of Directors  of The Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA) and is the Committee Chair of the SCMA'a Communications Committee.  She also serves on the SCMA's Planning Committee for the Family Mediation Institute.  She was recently named as among the Top 10% of Family Law and Mediation Attorneys in the USA by Lawyers of Distinction.  La Jolla Mediation and Attorney Guthrie were recently featured in My Business Magazine.  For more information you can view Attorney  Guthrie's Avvo profile here or view her profile on LinkedIn here


What Our Clients Have to Say:


At a time when I felt my life had been turned upside down, Susan’s calm, thoughtful and pragmatic approach to my situation gave me a sense of peace. She was thorough but efficient and worked hard to find a collaborative solution with the other side. When my case moved outside of her jurisdiction, she seamlessly transitioned the facts and nuances of my case to the new attorney.

- Elise R.

Susan stood by my side and helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I am forever grateful for her guidance and expertise. She was always available to help and answer questions. She is a well-practiced lawyer and knows just what to do. She is very smart and quick to figure out what to do when you might be stunted with emotion. Again, I thank her for helping me through such a difficult time. I couldn't have done it without her help and guidance.

- Alex P.

I hired Susan to be my legal partner in my divorce. Susan’s expertise and attention to detail guided me through this painful time in my life. She had all the answers and all the right steps for my case. Susan is so smart and she knows how to protect your interests. I highly recommend her services she is caring and explains things in a language you will understand. 

- Tracy M.


The secret to a successful divorce is the team of people created around a life to support & guide you through it ALL!  You are the best!  Thank you again!

- Kim L.