online Mediation Services

We Offer Mediation Sessions Using an Online Platform

In today's technologically advanced world, clients often desire the convenience and efficiency of conducting their mediation via video-conferencing.  The online platform allows the mediation to proceed with one or both of the parties at remote locations.  There is no need to miss work or schedule travel in order to move forward with your divorce.  With online mediation, spouses who live or work far apart geographically can still work together in mediation to resolve their divorce issues.  Online mediation can also benefit couples who are not comfortable sitting together in the same room due to their conflict level or relationship dynamics.  


Online sessions allow you to conduct your mediation in the privacy and convenience of your own home or office.  This gives you greater flexibility in scheduling and the comfort of familiar surroundings.


With online mediation sessions, there is no travel time involved in scheduling your meetings.  In addition, the online platform allows for the real-time sharing of documents in the session for ease of discussion.